Humor Horror Movie Homes: Where Iconic Scary Movies Were Filmed Behind the spine-chilling scenes of your favorite horror movies lies a world of real-life properties that have become iconic in the realm of cinema. From sinister mansions to eerie cabins in the woods, these locations have served as the haunting backdrop for some of the most terrifying moments in film history. In this article, we […]
Humor Superstitions in Real Estate: Exploring Beliefs and Traditions Real estate transactions are often governed by facts, figures, and market trends. However, superstitions and age-old beliefs still hold a significant place in the hearts and minds of many homebuyers and sellers. These superstitions can influence decisions, from the choice of street address to the timing of a purchase. Let’s delve into some intriguing real […]
Humor 7 Stages Agents Go through When They Hear a Stranger Talking about Real Estate (As Told by Schitt’s Creek) It’s probably not a surprise to hear this, but if you even whisper a word about buying or selling a house, any real estate agent within earshot is going to get really excited. And considering how many agents there are, there’s always a good chance there’s going to be one nearby if you’re even just […]
Humor 6 Creative Ways to Let Your Favorite Realtor Know You’d Like to Work With Them There’s nothing a real estate agent loves more than hearing from a friend, family member, or past client who’s calling to say they want to buy or sell a house. It doesn’t matter if you text them, call them, or send an email, it’s going to make their day. But why not take it up […]
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