HumorSelling June 11, 2023

6 Creative Ways to Let Your Favorite Realtor Know You’d Like to Work With Them

There’s nothing a real estate agent loves more than hearing from a friend, family member, or past client who’s calling to say they want to buy or sell a house. It doesn’t matter if you text them, call them, or send an email, it’s going to make their day.

But why not take it up a notch, and make their entire career, by letting them know in a truly unique fashion the next time you want to list or buy a house?!

Here are 6 creative ways to let your favorite agent know you’re ready to buy or sell, in a way that they’ll never forget:

1) Play a guessing game

Rather than just coming right out and saying you want them to buy or sell a house, ask them to guess which agent you’re choosing to work with instead! Hearing that someone they know is using another agent is a deep-seated fear many agents have. So it’ll be a riot as you watch them have a minor panic attack and start guessing the names of other agents! But the relief and joy they’ll feel when they guess their own name (or you finally tell them) will be priceless, and oh so memorable.


2) Steal the reveal

Gender reveal parties have become all the rage. Why not modify the concept and throw a party where you’re going to pop a balloon and use the agent whose card is inside the balloon. But only put your agent’s card in every single balloon…

Invite your favorite agent to the big reveal party, and have other guests pose as real estate agents as well. Your agent will be both excited, and nervous that their fate will be decided by which balloon you pop. But it’ll be worth seeing the utter relief and joy on their face when their card flies out!


3) Bring back the boombox

Nothing says “you’re the one for me” more than holding a boombox over your head outside someone’s window like Lloyd Dobler did in Say Anything! Just head over to your agent’s home at the break of dawn and start blaring the music. When they open the window and ask you what the hell you’re doing, tell them you want to buy or sell a house and they’re the only agent you’d ever work with. They’ll fall in love with you (platonically of course) all over again. Their neighbors…not so much.


4) Flower power

It’s not unheard of for an agent to get flowers delivered to them in the office for one reason or another. But in the history of agentkind, there’s probably never been one single agent who received a bouquet of flowers with a card to let them know someone wants to buy or sell a house.

(If you don’t think they like flowers, consider a singing telegram instead…)


5) We’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s warranty…

Between robocallers, scammers, and plain old telemarketers trying to sell them leads and products, agents spend a good amount of their day fielding unwanted phone calls. The problem is, while many people just ignore those calls and let it go to voicemail, an agent has to answer it in case it’s potential business. Sadly, it never is.

But that’s why you posing as a telemarketer is pure gold!!! Block your number and call pretending you’re calling about their car’s warranty…

Nope! Wait! Better yet, say you’re from Zillow and ask if they could use more business. That’s their go-to line when they try to sell agents client leads. Right before they hang up on you, tell them it’s you and you actually want to buy or sell a house. They may need some clarification and assurance that you truly aren’t a Zillow rep, but once they know for sure that it’s you, they’ll think this was a hilarious approach.

6) It’s gonna be a Goodyear!

If you have cash to burn and really want to go over the top (literally and figuratively), hire a blimp to fly over their office with a scrolling message that you want to work with them to buy or sell a house! This needs no further explanation. Blimp + message = memorable. Everyone loves a blimp.

But of course a simple text, call, or email to let your favorite agent know you want their help to buy or sell a house is always welcome! It doesn’t matter how you tell them, it’ll make their day, and your business ultimately helps make their career!